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As TechFins grow, their established international networks and the data they already provide to financial servicesfirms may showcase opportunities to offer services directly to their customers Ability to reduce transaction costs, provide a more comprehensive dataset, and thereby improvedecision making results in increased inclusion for those previously outside the scope of larger institutions. Source:

Techfin– the new challenge of the financial world

Discover the three key advantages Techfin has over Fintech and other financial platforms: Convenience of service and accessibility integrated through mobile apps Quick, effective and appropriate user/consumer engagement Available technological systems and resources to support small to large company startups    Source: Article date: 13 May 2019

The difference between FinTech and TechFin

“TechFin starts with technology and the wonders how to use it to trade exchange value which they claim is different to FinTech, which starts with finance and uses technology to do it faster and cheaper” –Chris Skinner The fourth revolution of humanity is here. Look forward to a future shaped by Techfin. Article Source: More